Atmoz Air Purifiers Offer Health Over Lifestyle

With the rising air pollution, we are today confronted by the challenges of chronic and lifestyle related diseases. And it’s not just the air outside, even our indoor spaces are not safe for breathing. Although our rooms may look clean, it is actually full of viruses, bacteria and other harmful pollutants.

In fact, the indoor air in our living space can be up to five times more contaminated than the outdoor air. This calls for a new approach to healthcare. Somethingthat covers all aspects of consumer needs by preventing themfrom air borne diseases and inducing a healthy home and living. All we are talking about here is a new aged air purifier. Air purifiers have gone from luxury to necessity and have become an inevitable part of a healthy life. It doesn’t matter if you are young, old, healthy or recovering from a health condition, air purifiers benefit everyone who feel the need for fresh air.

Purifying indoor air – The need of the hour

Of the total body intake 57% is indoor air. And inhaling polluted air might lead to various health problems like chest congestion, rhinitis, blocked nose, eye irritation to name a few. People with polluted air may also suffer from asthmatic condition, fatigue,coughing and breathing problemsdue to congestion in lungs. Those who have pets should know that their dander (dead skin cells from pet’s body), pollen, mold, dust etc. can also contaminate indoor air quality extensively. These situations may be the root cause of bad health conditions. Absence of proper ventilation or leaving windows open at odd timings can rush in the outdoor pollution inside. This can lead to skin diseases such as eczema or itchy flaky skin. Hence maintaining clean air within our living space has become very very important.

Air purifiers –Improving health.Enhancing life.

Air purifiers benefit you and your family by cutting out the core problem that is causing trouble – bad polluted air. Be it the smokeor that smell from kitchen, be it the moist from your bathroom or your pet’s dander, air purifiers can actually work in neutralizing these toxic chemicals and eliminate them out from your living space. Air purifiers are even excellent for those suffering from low immunity especially kids and elder ones simply because they cut down bad health conditions. Few air purifiers also come with ionizers that release negative ions that attach themselves to the allergens in the air, run it through the filter, making your home pollutant free. The role of an air purifier in today’s day for your home, office or indoor space is massive. If you want alleviated health problems, better immunity and a healthy breathing atmosphere, then air purifiers are the best way to attain so.

Atmoz Air Purifiers – Make space for a healthy life

In this fast paced life where good health is a concern, we at Atmoz are driven by innovation to introduce meaningful solutions that provide access to affordable healthcare.Be it office or home, Atmoz provides you excellent products that will keep your wary off the pollution in your indoor spaces. Atmozair purifiers come with HEPA filter that captures 99.99% of even the tiniest allergens indoors. Presence of activated carbon in Atmoz air purifiers efficiently treats airborne chemicals, gaseous pollutants, fumes, household dustand odours that trigger health hazards in more than one ways. Certain chemicals contain carcinogens (for instance, paraffin candles that you use) which can lead to cancerous cells in the body.Atmoz air purifiers even eliminate that from your air.Atmoz air filters come quoted with an anti-bacterial layer that prevents mold, spores and other air borne bacteria.Atmoz air purifiers effectively kill bacteria, viruses and heavy metal in the air either through cold catalyst or photocatalyst technology. Our products are highly portable andwork responsibly in clearing your indoor air so much so that they take away the worry of huge energy bills. Only a quality product is worthy of such abilities and this is what makes Atmoz one of the most preferred air purifiers. So make space for Atmoz air purifier and you’ll unlock the key to a healthy life.