Ensure A Healthier Home Environment For Your Little One

A healthy home environment is something very important for kids. It comes as a natural instinct to parents to protect their kids from any danger and they do take necessary measure to provide that perfect environment for their kids to grow up. But even then sometimes many parents inadvertently expose their kids or just born babies to harmful things right in their own home.

Among many other things, indoor air quality is incredibly important for the health of the grownups as well as thelittle ones.While grownups still manage the consequences of poor air quality but when it comes to babies or kids, it can get worse as they are very sensitive to chemicals, airborne pollutants and other things.So it’s very important to keep your home environment and indoor air quality clean. Below, we take a look at a few of the top ways to promote the healthiest environment possible for your little ones.

Remove bugs safely

Mice, cockroaches, ants, and other pests are trouble maker but they’re not nearly as big a health threat as the toxins that you apply to get rid of them. Pesticides contaminate the air your kids breathe and the floor they play on and increase their risk of developing many serious health problems including neurological harms. Instead it is better to put the pests off in the first place by taking measures like sealing off crevices in your floors and walls, keeping your kitchen clean and free of food particles. If you still want to use pesticides, apply smallest amount needed and always choose gels over sprays.

Brush out toxic paint

Repainting the baby’s room to give it a cute and cosy look sounds like a good idea but using the wrong kind of paint can give a really bad picture. The toxic chemicals known as “volatile organic compound” (VOC) present in paints can cause serious health problems down the road. When selecting paints to use in baby’s room, stick with those marked “VOC-free”. So select the paint wiselywhile giving your baby’s room a makeover and they won’t be inhaling VOCs while they sleep.

Avoid cleaning with harsh cleaners

Keeping baby’s nursery clean and free of germs as much as possible is vital but while doing so make sure to not expose your kidsto the harsh chemicals associated with cleaning products. Think about how strongly many cleaning products smell. You don’t want them inhaling those vapours right? Therefore do your research and invest in some natural cleaning products and strictly use them for keeping baby’s room germ and toxin free.

Ward off Allergens and Irritants

Babies breathe more air than grownups, so naturally they’revulnerable to the effects of indoor environmental pollutants. Make sure to provide your babies a smoke free atmosphere. Keep humidity levels at a minimum by using exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms. Make a habit of taking off your shoes the moment you walk in the door and insist that others do the same. Not only will your carpets and floors stay cleaner, but you won’t be tracking in dust, mold, allergens and other potentially unpleasant things.

Remove harmful airborne contaminants from baby’s surrounding

Even if you follow a strict routine of dusting, vacuuming and sweeping on a regular basis and you adhere to all of the rules outlined above, the fact is that there are still going to be a ton of airborne pollutants floating around baby’s bedroom or the environment around. All of those unpleasant things are microscopic and are completely invisible to the naked eye. So while you think that your house is clean, your kids may end up breathing in pollutants like dust, mold spores, pet dander and even VOCs. The simplest solution to this very troubling problem is to invest in a well-designed air purifier with aHEPA filter. HEPA air purifiers with HEPA filters can remove 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns from the air. A well-designed HEPA air purifier can not only remove airborne contaminants and pollutants but promote allergy and asthma relief, as well as many other important health benefits.HEPA air filters can be a ready solution for those who are concerned to provide a healthy atmosphere to their kids.