Participate & Win!!

1- Lucky Draw is organized by the Author in his individual capacity only.

2- Lucky draw will trigger only on achieving a global book sale figure of 5000 units. This will include both Hard bound paperback & e-books.

3- A minimum number of 1000 entries will be required for the draw to start. Both conditions 2 & 3 have to be met.

4- The participant must fulfill all criteria’s as mentioned below. Non-submission of any will disqualify the participant.

(a)- Upload picture of the book invoice: Mandatory
(b)- Upload your own picture with the book in your hand: Mandatory
(c)- Leave a feedback on the Book website: Mandatory
(d)- Rate the Book favorably on the platform you purchased the book. Drop a few good lines as well!: Mandatory
(e)- You may want to like, share comment on the Author’s FB page: Optional

5- The Draw will be computer random number driven. We will make all efforts to ensure that its error free & transparent. No guarantees to such effect are being made either implicit or explicit.

6- The outcome of these activities will be announced by the author on the website & other digital platforms. The recipient will be responsible to respond with details on time. Delay will lead to forfeiting or lapsation.

7- The author’s decision will be final & binding. No explanations or proofs will be given.

8- The contest can be altered or withdrawn at anytime as per the free will of the Author & his team.

9- Only participants who have filled in complete details will be eligible to join.

10- Proof of book purchase in the name of the winner’ will have to be given before the gift can be dispatched. Inability to submit adequate & acceptable proof will lead to dis-qualification.

11- No guarantee on the performance of the gifts can be given by the Author.

12- Gifts will be dispatched within India only on PIN codes serviceable by our vendor. In a situation of re-dispatch the costs for shipment will have to be borne by the recipient only.

13- Any taxation or duty or levy if applicable will have to be borne by the recipient only.

14- The gift recipient will allow the Author & or his affiliates to use his/her comments/pictures for marketing purposes on our various online/off-line platforms.

15- The gift recipient allows the Author & his team to establish contact either/all by mail, sms or call.

16- Terms & conditions apply.