Shift Management System

Shift Management System

Shift Management module helps the HR to create multiple unique shifts for the company & allocate employees to each shift. Smart functions, easy interface, flexible & customisable. Try us today!. If you run multiple shifts in your organization, then you must certainly have a look at this module. Ideal for Factories, BPO/KPO, Hospitals, Hotels, Tourism & a lot more. Create, allocate, plan, edit, approve shifts like a pro. You can even plan your future calendar today. Get all reports, analytics & functionalities on your finger tips. See it to believe it.

Key Points

  • Create & Manage multiple shifts
  • Calendar planning
  • Manage Over time & absenteeism
  • Global access over cloud

Key Points

  • Edit & approval process
  • Advance planning & regularization
  • Customization, control & flexibility
  • Reports & Analytics

What HR problem does the Shift Management module solve?

Creating and managing shift accurately & transparently has always been a major task for the HR Department. We’ve seen the Factory floor managers plan roasters manually on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Communicating shift change to employees is another problem & if an employee has to request for a shift change he/she has to go through a major manual process.

Using the Atmoz Shift Management System you can design our company’s Shifts like a pro. You can run multiple shifts within the same location & multiple shifts across branches. Employees can be allocated to a shift. You can plan a monthly, quarterly, yearly calendar in one-go. Employees can even apply for a shift change on-line.

I know its not easy to believe what we say. Ask 4 a demo today!

Web Screenshots

The screen images have been blurred for IT security reasons. You may kindly reach out to us for a Free demo session of the software.


Yes. All modules offered by Atmoz are customizable.
We believe that requirements of every company are unique. Its not fair to put them into tight jackets. The pricing of the platform primarily depends on what modules you choose, the level of customization, the number of users & the amount of manual work you want us to do.
In most cases a lumpsum one-time fees is required for customization & on-boarding. Thereafter it’s a monthly/quarterly/annual billing program.
Yes. The entire platform is on cloud & can be accessed 24*7 from anywhere in the world.
Yes. The software works on all available hard-wares like mobile, tablet, laptop & desktop. For best performance wrt to download & upload functionalities its advisable to use a laptop or a desk top.
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