Payroll & PF

Payroll & PF

Select Components -> Map employees -> upload salary data -> Hit run. Simplifies your Payroll Processing in ways you can only imagine. ESS, customised reports, accurate & efficient online cloud based system. Get it Today!.Accurate, customized, efficient, smart, global ESS system. Process payroll like a breeze. Own it like a Queen. Ask for a demo like a King!!.Set it & forget it! Our Payroll module has been designed to provide utmost customization & ease of operations. Comes with ESS, analytics, reports, upload functionality & lots more. The Platform is globally accessible & keeps your employee connected always. Feel free to Ask 4 Demo! Absolutely non-obligatory & complimentary!/p>

Key Points

  • Customized Tool
  • SaaS based Global Platform
  • Employee Self Service-ESS
  • Accurate & Efficient Processing

Key Points

  • Global Payroll Processing Tool
  • Investment Declaration facility
  • Document upload facility
  • Analytics & Reports

What HR problem does the QMS module solve?

Payroll Processing has been always been a task for the HR. Most HR departments have relied on XL sheets & manual calculations. This typically takes the HR anywhere between 7-12 days to process the Payroll. A lot of functionalities can’t be offered to the employees.

The Payroll module by Atmoz makes Payroll processing a matter of a few clicks & uploads. Experience speed & accuracy like never before. You can also execute functionalities like Employee Loans, Re-imbursements, 12 BB upload, investment declaration & document upload.

Additionally, this module can be customized to speak the language of your unique country. Ask 4 a demo today!

Web Screenshots

The screen images have been blurred for IT security reasons. You may kindly reach out to us for a Free demo session of the software.


Yes. All modules offered by Atmoz are customizable.
We believe that requirements of every company are unique. Its not fair to put them into tight jackets. The pricing of the platform primarily depends on what modules you choose, the level of customization, the number of users & the amount of manual work you want us to do.
In most cases a lumpsum one-time fees is required for customization & on-boarding. Thereafter it’s a monthly/quarterly/annual billing program.
Yes. The entire platform is on cloud & can be accessed 24*7 from anywhere in the world.
Yes. The software works on all available hard-wares like mobile, tablet, laptop & desktop. For best performance wrt to download & upload functionalities its advisable to use a laptop or a desk top.
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