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Atmoz is a brand owned by Contrarian Ventures LLP. We proudly service over 250 corporates across India, UAE, Nepal, Bangladesh, USA & UK. We are promoted by an IIM Alumni & are an ISO 9001:2015; ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified company.
Our HR Tech portfolio has over 15 modules. As part of our New Tech Initiatives we’ve helped corporates with niche software development, coding, digital marketing, content creation, jingles & slogans & a lot more. We also advice corporates on HR; Learning & Development; Labor laws; Org structuring & other strategic issues.
We are a 6 year old young start-up. Our Founder Mr. Nand K Agarwal mortgaged his home to raise money to begin his entrepreneurial journey. We enjoy the blessing & support of our family, friends & well-wishers. We value this a-lot. We are for-ever grateful to everyone who has been a part of our journey till date. It’s the little drops that fill the ocean.
Our customer is our biggest investor. We’ve earned & re-invested money back into the company. We are a cash positive company. We don’t burn cash. We just might be able to survive longer! We don’t believe in disruption. We are not here to ‘finish’ anyone. Constructive & collective growth excites us more.

Mr. Nand K Agarwal

Our Founder & CEO

Nand named the company “Contrarian”. The idea was to simplify complex day-to-day issues by approching them differently. Nand is an Alumn of IIM Khozhikode, Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies-Delhi, Scindia School- Gwalior & Hampton Court-Mussoorie. Over the last 16+ years Nand has worked across BFSI, Insurance, Stocks, Real Estate, IT, HR, Content creation, Appliances, Distribuiton, Retail & many other sectors. He often says- you've got one life...explore as much as you can...why invest it in becoming a specialist!!

Other than running his business Nand likes to travel & read. He is a good writer. You should expect his 1st book soon!

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We are not in a hurry. Rome was not built in a day! We make mistakes & learn from them. Simple! We are transparent & honest- Brutally. A 6 year old company will not have a 20 year track record. We learn fast & adapt faster.
We want to be an Indian Global HR Tech company. We wake up every morning with this dream & work hard every day for it. On some days we succeed & on many days we fail. Every failure makes us stronger. We push the cheese bit by bit-everyday.
We’ve tried to package a lot of services for you in our software. We call it “hire-to-retire” capability. See the module to believe us. Demo’s are absolutely non-obligatory & complimentary.
The whole platform is global & cloud based. You can customize every module as per your specific need. Please test the module to appreciate us! If you like it you can pay for it. If you don’t like it your feedback will help us get better.

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