Terms and conditions

Atmoz is a registered Trademark of M/s Contrarian Ventures LLP (CVL). CVL advises & recommends subscribers/patrons/investors to read the necessary term & conditions at times for all products. All content below is applicable to CVL & its affiliates. This may include third party vendors also as the case may be.

Software Usage Relationship:

The relationship between CVL & the client wrt to software will be that of a Licensor-Licensee. The client will be the licensee & only use the modules as per the terms of the agreement till the period of time. CVL reserves the right to block client usage of the software on grounds of non-clearance of dues beyond 30days without giving any additional notice. The licensee at no point becomes the owner of the software or any part of it. All inputs provided by the client to CVL will be deemed as CVL property going forward & CVL can use it on free-will basis. The client also permits CVL to use their name for further business solicitation. CVL however will pull back such client name usage on the written request of the client.

Intellectual Property