Privacy Policy

Atmoz is a registered Trademark of M/s Contrarian Ventures LLP (CVL). CVL advises & recommends subscribers/patrons/investors to read the necessary term & conditions at times for all products. All content below is applicable to CVL & its affiliates. This may include third party vendors also as the case may be.


Our website & allied portals set cookies to improve functionality & performance. Many modules will work only if you allow cookies to be set. Cookies can be deleted through your browser settings. The company can take no responsibility of any loss direct or indirect, minor or major that is caused to you by allowing our servers to set & use cookies.

Database Servers:

All our data is stored on cloud servers unless specified to the client separately at the time of sign-up. Data security is as per the policy of the cloud host. Though all precautions are taken to maintain data sanctity, privacy & security; no guarantees either explicit or implicit are being made by CVL. You shall be alone be responsible for any data theft or loss from the cloud servers. CVL does not permit any data-phishing or ad content on its portals. CVL not monetize employee data in any form other than the one mentioned in the agreement with the client.

Data Privacy:

All data that comes to CVL either online or offline are stored & processed as follows:

Employee related: Any employee data coming from the employer will be treated as per the agreement with the employer. If an employee has any issues with it he/she may get in touch with their principal employer. All data is returned to the employer once the contract is terminated. CVL will how-ever preserve the data till such period as may be required by statutory and audit requirements.

Non-employee related Data: Depending on the data input CVL reserves the right to use the data for business solicitation directly & indirectly. Should any person have any problem he/she can always write into & get themselves removed from our data server.

Do Not Track

CVL does not respond to browser DNT signals. We will continue to monitor further development of a DNT standard by the privacy community and industry.

Global Privacy Consideration

Personal information collected by CVL may be stored and processed in the India or in any other country where CVL or its affiliates, subsidiaries, or third-party service providers maintain facilities. When you provide personal information to CVL you consent to the processing and transfer of your information within the India and around the world. We follow applicable data protection laws when transferring personal information.