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Human Resource Information System

HRIS module will help you record all employee information in one place. HRIS is a cloud based global SAAS module. This will help you record all employee information in one place.

Leave Management System

Our LMS software can be customised to read your company’s Leave Policy. Let’s your employee apply for leaves & the boss can approve or reject. All this on an efficient & effective global SAAS platform.

Shift Management System

Shift Management module helps the HR to create multiple unique shifts for the company & allocate employees to each shift. Smart functions, easy interface, flexible & customisable. Try us today!.

Attendance Management System

Mark Attendance, link to bio-matrix, geo-tagging, upload, regularise & a lot more. Our software works just the way you want it to work. Its your little ginie-Get it now!. Employees can regularize their late comings or absent dates.

Payroll Processing System

Select Components -> Map employees -> upload salary data -> Hit run. Simplifies your Payroll Processing in ways you can only imagine. ESS, customised reports, accurate & efficient online cloud based system. Get it Today!.Accurate, customized, efficient, smart, global ESS system.

Query Management System

Employees have a lot to tell the Management. Are you listening? Move their queries to an efficient online ticketing system. Never miss a single suggestion again. QMS Module helps the HR segregate Employee queries into categories with unique Ticket numbers.

Risk Management

Health Insurance, Fleet Insurance, Asset, Fire, Marine, Life Insurance, Non-Life, treasury services & a lot more. Our Team of risk experts will help the HR manage multiple types of employee & business related risks. We can help you place & manage risks in India & UAE.

User Asset

Your most precious assets are given some not so precious assets to fulfill their duties. Record it here, trace it here, upgrade & control it. Your asset inventory automated. UAMS module will help the HR to systematically allocate & control different types of Assets to Employees.

Performance Management

The bell curve always scares! Customize it & it will work just the way you want it to. See it to believe it.


For all your employee vouchers that need an approval to be processed. Automated & Accurate ERP facilitated by our state-of-the-art SAAP interface.


Maintaining compliance registers will never be a head-ache. You will never miss a deadline again. Talk to us to believe us!.

User Asset

Our Actuarial Team can help you accurately compute your Gratuity, Leave, Bonus & other liabilities. This sure give you unique single platform advantage!

New Tech

As times evolve, the requirements of organizations also evolve. Keeping in sync with the changing times we at Atmoz also keep upgrading our delivery capabilities.

National Pension System

We can help the HR successfully design, implement & manage the NPS scheme for the employees. It’s a unique option that helps employees plan for their retirement & save tax.

Exit Module

Parting can be painful only emotionally. Our SAAS based platform streamlines & automates all exit formalities. Click it & finish it. EMS module allows the HR to manage the complete exit cycle of the employee digitally.

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